Green bathroom cleaning tips

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There are fewer portions in your house, apartment, and office which need more potential and crucial cleaning services. You can’t ignore those areas. There is a huge amount of mess, bacterias, and other allergens there. You should clean them completely and thoroughly. The bathroom is one of the sensitive portions of any building. It needs to be clean with huge care. You should clean each and every object there. There are different kinds of spots and stains in the bathroom which give an awkward look. Many people use different kinds of chemicals and acids to clean the bathroom. You can clean your bathroom using green cleaning methods. Menage Total tells you Green bathroom cleaning tips which help you out in bathroom cleaning.

Green bathroom cleaning tips include these tricks and techniques;

  • Use vinegar and baking soda for toilet cleaning
  • Removing soap and scum spots
  • Cleaning sink, shower head, and bathtub
  • Use newspaper or tissue paper to clean the mirrors
  • Clean the ceiling, walls, and floor

It is not compulsory that only chemicals can clean a bathroom. You can get a neat, clean, and tidy bathroom using green cleaning methods. Green bathroom cleaning tips include the above tasks to perform;

Use of vinegar and baking soda

The messiest and dirty object in the bathroom is commode or toilet. There are a huge mess and spots there in the commode. You can clean them using green cleaning methods. Prepare a solution using 2 cups of vinegar and 1 tablespoon baking soda. Apply it on the commode and remove all the mess, spots, and smell from there.

Removing soap and scum spots

The soapy water and scum of detergents create spots slowly and you don’t notice them. With the passage of time, these spots and stains become so much stubborn and hard. You should clean the tiles, walls, floors, and ceilings on a regular basis.

Sink, shower head and bathtub cleaning

These are some important objects of the bathroom which needs to be clean. You should clean these things in detail and remove all the spots of scum and soapy water.

Mirror Cleaning

You may have mirrors in your bathroom. There may be spots and stains of water and scum on them. You should clean them weekly or twice a week. Use newspaper for this propose. It will remove all the spots and stains from there.

Clean the ceiling, walls, and floor

You should clean the ceiling lights and cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling. Remove the dust from the walls. If you have baseboard then clean it. There may be pale spots and stains on the floor you should clean them as well.

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